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You will be shocked to discover our history.  Fighting and disregard between Jews time after time deteriorated our nation and all the benefit that we bring to the world.  And when the hatred between us becomes so deep,  between the right and the left, between the secular and religious, between the zionists and the assimilated, in those times, as our history attests, the rest of the world either consciously or subconsciously feels that Jews should rise above their egos and be role models of good connection in the world.

Antisemitism is a law of nature that pushes us together.  I know it is distasteful to hear this, so I took our nation's sobering story and narrate it in a simple and page turning way that takes you by the hand through the history of our stiff necked people that is filled with slavery, civil war and genocide.

Today is the perfect time for us to fulfill our ancient role.  Everything is prepared for us.  Today advertising and social media connects humanity and by tomorrow billions of people can be covered with messages of unity, an uplifted spirit and good connections between people of all colors, religions and nations.

Machines will soon be able to do 80% of all labor, producing all of the goods needed to sustain humanity.  We are ready to have time to engage in good connections and health and education about how nature works, how life develops and our important place in it.

We cannot wait for something to happen.

We determine what will happen.

The world is comprised of two forces and these two forces need to be brought into balance.

We have a practical method that is very clear and very precise.

Read the book.

Discover who you are.

Discover our destiny


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About the Author

   Seth Breitman is known for his unique way of taking deep and complex matters from the authentic wisdom of kabbalah and simplifying them for the modern person.

  He has been studying with his teacher, the kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman since 2004.  Seth's work with Tony Kosinec (Kabbalah Revealed) on the Youtube series Enter the Zohar introduced more than one hundred thousand people to the wisdom of kabbalah in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.

  He currently teaches online at KabU ( and at the KabU campus in Manhattan.


an antidote to antisemitism, is his first book.

available in paperback,
digital download  & audio book
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Our inner work is in closing the gap between the imaginary world that we see, where everyone is separated from me, and the true reality of our good interconnection.  

By arranging this perception correctly,  we organize a coherent system in our minds and in our emotions.  The result of this inner work is that we literally feel life in a new way, we seemingly build a new sense, a sixth sense to perceive reality. 

A small group needs to successfully do this first, to establish it between themselves and reach a critical mass where it will then flow to everyone.

There has been a lot of  preparation over the last few thousand years, mostly qualitative efforts, huge efforts by a relatively few people.  A few people in every generation carried and developed this wisdom. But now our development requires also quantity, that now all of humanity, in all of our shattered parts, with all of our unique and different qualities will come together as if forming one vessel.  It is in that vessel that we can hold and feel a life of peace and comfort and fulfillment.

It has been a long march to get from the Big Bang all the way to New Jersey where I sit today.  And we are now perched on the cusp of truly knowing ourselves and knowing the force, the integral system that we all live in.


Almost 5 billion years ago our planet formed.  It took a few billion years until that molten rock cooled and vegetation appeared and then creatures appeared.  Our primal ancestors, many generations ago, climbed down from trees. They raised their children and protected them.  They slept and ate and lived in communities with others. They fended off predators that wanted to kill them, animals and disease, famine and flood.  They procreated and survived and we are here now.  All in all we are the result of 14 billion years of development.

And, if we today are neglecting this work of building good connections between us, and instead we focus and work only on our inanimate, vegetative and animal desires and we fight nature and don’t grow up to be humans, meaning, being on a level above animals, being in a mutual network of thought and desire together.  If we don’t do this, the rest of the people on earth will feel instinctively that we are the ones preventing them from receiving the abundance and fulfillment that nature intends for all. We are blocking the passageway.
So if we are neglecting this work, nature will push us. And the way that nature has done this repeatedly, as we show very clearly in my book is through a force called antisemitism.


Get the book.

Read the story.

Rise to a level above our differences and be the solution.

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